Deer Bang

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Deer Bang
By: From-Nihility
Tick-tick, creeeek, tick-tick.
I pad along the icy walkway as the sound of my claws scraping against the wood
grain reminded me I is due for a trim. Windows in the above canopy let through
millions of beams of light, while a gust of wind rushed through the forest to
disturb the peace. To no surprise a large powdery lump falls on my back, each
flake makes my white coat magnificent and sparkly! Fantastic!
‘Sachi! I don’t think we’re getting a break today,’ my friend says in a puff of
white breath. Walking slightly ahead of me with loud crunching steps, he stops
and turns around to me with a shrug. ‘Can you smell anything? I’m lost as a
mouse!’ His bright red ferret nose twitches before sneezing into a
Pic, my hooded ferret friend is far more accustomed to the indoors. His
expression is solid and I can tell he isn’t having a great time like I
‘Well there’s a shelter not too far out from here, it’s a bit of a way though.
The car’s likely closer,’ I tell him. ‘Cold?’
Giving a shiver inside his olive green coat in reply, he checks his face to see
if he can still feel it. ‘Just a bit… but i can do more,’ he says as he peels
off the ice forming on his whiskers.
‘Alright, we can go to my friends cabin. He was there in the fall so it should
have wood for fire and all that,’ I tell him.
In the pricking wind I can smell a sweet tinge in the distance, could that be
our catch? ‘Hey, you smell that?’
‘You’re the nose here, you tell me,’ Pic says as I meet his eyes.
Quickly I continued down the trail to avoid any more light-hearted criticisms.
Our wooden walkway runs out and splits off into a few paths, by instinct I
choose the one leading to the alluring scent through the forest. It so happened
the path is also the same way to the cabin.
Thirty minutes pass as we progress deeper into the woods, which gets thicker
and quieter the farther we go. The snowy path is no longer conveniently packed
down from previous hikers; the thought of a warm fire encourages us to ignore
our sore muscles and go harder.
I whisper to Pic to keep his eyes open, the sweet scent is close. We slow down
to let Pic ready the rifle from his back. I pull ahead of him and spot her
through the branches, a light-brown doe comes into view from behind them. Light
in colour and young in appearance she stands, back turned and eating from a
birch tree. The doe whips her tail from side to side as gracefully as her hips
bowed out to form a nice round butt. My eyes fixed upon her features and
focused on the end of the trail of markings which made up her underbelly,
forming a pretty white pattern around her rump.
Got you!
I notice my friend doesn’t see her yet so I delicately slow to a stop, Pic
follows my eyes and halts his advance. Landing on my mark he looks over to me
and gives a wide eyed thumbs up of approval. The ferret and I watch her in
admiration, getting lost in the moment. The sparkle of a billion snowflakes, a
dead silence, air so crisp it hurts to breath, and a fine piece of ass.
Mesmerised by the silence, each of us are too afraid to move out of fear of
being discovered.
We freeze and hold our breaths as the doe takes herself away from her lunch and
looks back in our direction. She sees us fairly quickly and gives Pic a brief
exchange before running off down the trail. She is gone.
‘Whoa!’ Pic exclaimed. ‘She smiled at me! She smiled at me’
‘Did she? That means she’s challenging you,’ I laugh.
‘Game on!’ Pic calls out to the silence as he finishes loading his rifle and
switching the safety on.
With a softer step and a determined pace, I pull ahead and we continue down
towards the cabin. The doe unwittingly stuck close to the trail and left behind
tracks for us to follow. Broken branches galore it is a wonder if she is even
trying to be sneaky. For the amount of experience I have, it’s never been THIS
‘The cabin’s up here!’ I proclaim in a hushed tone.
Still behind me, Pic slows back down. ‘Finally. How close is she?’
‘Nearby,’ I tell him while we both scan the trees. ‘Though we have all weekend
for this.’
He nods. ‘Lunch and warm up then? I’m nothin but hungry and cold,’ Pic shivers.
‘Determined to stay out here, don’t want to go back home…’
I ponder for a second before agreeing to lunch. Our deer is close and we can
easily get her, but then where’s the fun in that? We would spoil our holiday if
we did it on the very first day. The ferret swings the gun back over his
shoulder and starts the march, grabbing my backside with a mitted paw on his
way past. I return the favour and nip at him before taking my place ahead of
Our shelter is revealed up the path through the trees. In the center of a small
field sits a cozy box shaped structure with 2 windows in the front.Gusts flurry
their way from the frozen lake and pile onto the right side of the cabin,
burying half of the poplar siding. A lone chimney rises out from a white
blanket that is the roof, which is covered in tracks of playful wild birds. The
surrounding woods are mostly undisturbed except for the set of tracks the doe
left behind.
We walk through the windy clearing and to the steps of the cabin. ‘That’s our
deer!’ I proclaim as we come up to the temporary hooves imprinted in the
ground. Instinctively I lower my head to the ground and run up to the tracks
and read all the scents possible: pine, dirt, polluted snow, ferret, and the
Hurrying down the path, we climb the stairs leading to the deck. I turn around
to Pic who is already at the door fiddling with the padlock. The lock is
frozen, giving him a hard time. He sighs angrily as he holds his lighter to the
lock, working it until it finally snaps open.
Getting over the thought of our little brown neighbor is impossible, especially
the overwhelming scent. She’s so close! I listen diligently overtop of Pic
trying to get the door open. Certainly I can hear movement just on the other
side of the cabin; I remain motionless. The animal must be eating from the
trees in the back. Maybe she’s unaware we caught up?
Pic reels back again and successfully throws his shoulder through the door. I
cringe at the abrupt noise as our cover is blown and everything falls silent.
Peaking around the right side of the cabin, a flick of white tail out of the
corner of my eye catches my attention.
‘Heeeey,’ I whisper over to Pic who’s standing in the open doorway.
I signal towards the Doe and Pic nods, arming himself once more with the rifle.
He moves along the wall with painstakingly loud footsteps; the frozen boards
creak and crack under his boots while approaching the corner of the cabin. I
move back a few feet to let him get a view of our deer.
The doe turned her gaze off the branches and towards us, Pic isn’t the most
graceful hunter. Donning a sprightly smile, she’s about fifty meters away and I
could make out a pair of light-brown eyes peering out at us. Pic responds to
her by taking aim and tensing up his whole body, supporting himself on the
wooden wall. Not far from the treeline our prey takes flight and flees behind
the cabin.
She’s crafty as fuck!
‘She’s fast!’ Pic exclaims, rushing past me and to the other side of the
building in an attempt to cut her off. We run around the left side and to the
back, nothing there. Disturbed snow floated in the air from her maneuvering,
and it doesn’t take long for us to realise that she dodged us and went around
to the front.
We both come up with the same plan: I go one way, Pic goes the other. The armed
ferret follows the doe’s trail while I turn around and go back the direction we
came. We convene back at the front and we give each other the same confused
expression… where did she go?
This time the tracks weren’t as telling and they disappear as soon as they get
onto the deck. The search continues by scanning the tree line, double checking
around the cabin, I could even see Pic check the roof of the building: nothing!
Our hunt leads us back to where we began until we realise what we were missing…
there in front of us is the wide open door of the cabin. She’s not in there is
she? Pic readies his rifle, shrugs and shoots me a smirk that just said ‘what
All the windows were snowed over, making the interior dim and poorly lit. Light
from the open door exposed a few pieces of second hand furniture, a muddy
carpet, and a trail of melted snow leading inside. Closing in on the open door
he begins to enter the home, rifle barrel first.
Visually nervous, Pic checked around the room. It’s a great disadvantage not to
have the element of surprise. He takes a few more steps in before pausing to
listen to nothing but silence.
‘What do we do?’ Pic asks over his shoulder to me.
‘Stay here, I’ll see what I can do’ I whisper back.
I put my senses to work while creeping through the door and past my friend.
Inside is much bigger than it had looked and the smell was telltale of a used
log cabin. The room is made up of a living area, kitchenette, a queen bed, and
a doorway leading to a small bathroom. The kitchenette is the only clean area
in the entire building. Empty beer bottles littered the floor, and the bed is
ruffled and stained. My other friend and his wife must have had quite the party
over the fall.
I move forward, past the dining table and towards the origin of the intruding
smell. Where is it coming from? The bed.
She’s behind the bed, my nose tells me. I slowly gesture to Pic with a paw, who
raises his gun. He’s not going to shoot inside is he?
While only a few feet away from the bed on the other end of the room, I
carefully start creeping around to the other side whilst making sure she had an
exit. The scent is amplified by being in such a small space; it’s so
unexplainably appealing: sweet, tangy, pungent, and captivating.
Still keeping my distance of a couple feet I continue on my way. Peeking around
the corner I find a hoof, a leg, followed by the shine of her brown eyes. We
exchange looks once more… Hello again.
She smiles at me before jumping up on all fours and bounding onto the bed.
Frantically maneuvering about and looking for her escape. Big mistake.
Hackles instantly spike and my ears ring from the contained shot. I look up to
see Pic still pointing his rifle at the doe who is now lying motionless on the
‘Really? Inside?!’ I exclaim, shaking my head.
‘I… I’m so sorry!’ the ferret says, obviously surprised by the sound as well.
He trembles slightly as he unloads his gun onto the dining table.
Both of our eyes turn to the doe slumped over the bed. She had fallen onto her
side exposing her bright white belly. Quiet and peaceful, she looks quite
comfortable sunken into all the pillows and stained blankets. Gently her
abdomen moves in and out with breath.
Suddenly the doe’s head snaps up, laughing and moving about the pillows on her
back. After a few playful moments she picks herself up and jumps down off the
bed. The wooden floor greets her with a clunks and creeks as she continues
confidently towards us.
‘Oh no…You got me… What will I ever do now,’ the doe grins. Her gaze turns into
a hypnotic stare which locks onto Pic as she comes closer and closer. Poor Pic
visibly doesn’t know what to do with himself, and out of panic he hides his
hands in his pockets and smiles awkwardly at her.
‘Nadda! What are you doing here!’ I shout.
’Sachi! I miss miss missed you! I’m so glad you’re back!’ she professes and
makes her way to me. Her warmth wrapped around me in a big feral neck hug,
reminding me how icy it actually was in here.
I get lost in her touch as she did mine. Nadda’s much taller than me, lowering
her head to reach me.
‘I-I guess I’ll make the fire?’ Pic says with a cracked voice, closing the door
behind him before walking across the floor to the fireplace. With the door
closed, it was as dark as a cave.
Nadda and I pull apart. ‘Couldn’t wait to play along eh?’ I ask her.
‘Oh! Do you want me to go back outside? We can do this la-’
‘No it’s fine! Don’t worry about it!’ I reassure her. ‘It’s supposed to be cold
overnight anyways… want to break tradition and stay?’
Nadda walks over and looks through the snow covered window and hesitates. ‘Is
that okay?’ She askes shyly.
The darkness flickers from the light of Pics lighter before a loud WHOOSH
erupts. Flames spark up and high, lighting the room and setting the mood.
Nadda’s colour turns a lustful red as the shadows drew attention to her
enticing physique.
‘Of course.’ I tell her as Pic comes over and sits on the couch across from us.
‘We can always hunt you tomorrow too,’ I throw her a wink. ‘Nadda, this is
Pic!’ I gesture to the nervous looking ferret still bundled up in his jackets.
‘Long time friend, he’s like you and wants to get away from everything.’
The doe turns to him curiously, ‘You don’t like the city?’
‘I work a lot… Sachi mentioned I should meet you some day,’ he says and takes
off his hat, setting it on the end table. ‘I can see why you came here, it’s so
quiet,’ he says, ears perking as the doe comes over and pauses in front of him.
‘It’s nice and private too…’ she tells him. ‘He’s mentioned you many times in
our last visit! Thanks for doing this, it’s a fantasy of mine.’ Her eyes look
to the gun on the dining table then to Pic. ‘Ever been with a feral before?’
Nadda asks him. Her tail stood upright and tall giving me the perfect view of
the goods, which I’m sure is intentional on her part.
Pic opens his legs a little wider as the Doe takes a confident step towards
him, grazing his with hers. The ferret nervously scratches at the nape of his
neck and utters, ‘I’ve only been with Sachigo.’ I perk my ears and wag at the
sound of my name; feral habits never go away. ‘Wh-What do you mean by that?’
Nadda laughs and turns her head back to me, shooting me a naughty grin before
turning back to her target. ‘Sachi invited you didn’t he? Don’t you want to get
me? Mister hunter?’ she asks innocently. Pic turns into a red and white board
with has hands at his side, watching the doe gracefully hover her chest above
his groin.
‘I-I wasn’t expecting this…’ he expresses, nervously looking to his side
towards the windows. Nadda responds by brushing Pic’s thigh with the side of
her leg, proceeding up from the knee and into sensitive territory.
Subconsciously Pic opens his legs wider at her touch and can’t help but place a
hand on her shoulder.
‘You DID say you wanted something different,’ I walk past my two friends and
jump up onto the couch to take off my booties. Sitting on the other side of the
couch, I had inadvertently moved into the best seat in the house. Unable to
hide the happenings in his underwear, Nadda gently caressed him with her chest
before bringing her face to his. The doe gives him a confident lick on the nose
before pressing herself into him. Possessing new found courage, Pic arches his
back and returns a kiss before wrapping his arms around her neck in an embrace.
A combination of both of their breath swirls around both of them in a white
mist as they smell each other playfully. After inspecting each other over, they
go in for more licks and kisses.
Watching her grind over his concealed weapon I can’t help but feel my own swell
up between my legs. Nadda’s tail raises ever so boldly and it took a lot of
self control not to hook her from behind. I best let Pic get to know her first
and feel her out… and in.
‘Would you like to warm up with me?’ She asks, removing her muzzle from his and
resting her neck on his shoulder. Pic shivers slightly and takes his gloves and
hat off before running his hands down her back, gliding his claws through her
sleek fur. He nods and puts his cheek to hers before getting up from the couch.
The crackle of the fire at work intensifies as more wood sets alight, which
sweeps a warm glow across the small room. Nadda and Pic separate and my anthro
friend takes himself over to the untidy bed. Quickly he takes off his jacket
and throws it over the dining chair beside him; stretching briefly and looking
over to us before sitting on the bed, smiling nervously.
I wag my tail happily as Nadda comes over to me with a smirk. I know that look
all too well and give her wink, telling her you’re welcome. She’s quite the odd
character and we’ve been friends for a long time; her not so secret kink was of
the two legged variety. The deer brushes past me and the couch with a flick of
her white tail, effectively flashing myself and Pic.
Getting up off the couch, I follow her as she gracefully moves over to her
awaiting suitor who’s already taking the rest of his clothes off. Our doe moves
around to my shirtless friend just in time for him to undo his pants and
present her with his erect cock.
It was tempting not to ride him myself, but Nadda had it covered. She buried
her muzzle into his groin, taking her time to inhale his musky scent. Anyone
could tell that she was deprived of attention; she savoured every moment of his
member pulsing along her face. Pic gasps at the sudden treatment of her tongue
on the base of his shaft and frisking of his concealed balls. The ferret pulls
his underwear and longjohns down to concede his fluffy pouch to her. The deer
gives him a few more exploratory sniffs before sinking him deep into her
muzzle, swallowing his whole length with ease.
I’ve almost had enough and I could feel myself growing and throbbing, watching
her bottom sway side to side while the front plays with my friend, it’s hard
not to go feral and take her like a wild animal. Closing my eyes, her scent
draws my nose closer and closer until I can feel her tail wafting her sweet
aura in my direction. Even through the crisp air, I pant uncontrollably before
touching my cold nose to the bare pink area between her bits and her butt.
Pressing my tongue against her folds I spread her apart and indulge in her
flavours. Nothing beats the taste of wild meat!
Nadda flinches and must have been caught off guard; she quickly shifts back
into my muzzle and pleads for more with a demanding clop of her back hoof.
Lapping playfully, I tease everywhere but her tight little slit. I sit down
behind her as she sways her hips, attempting to get my tongue on point and get
her pussy touched. Muffled squeaks and gasps follow along with the attention I
was giving to her already wet doe bits. My muzzle slips inside as she
forcefully pushs backwards. Holding my breath, her smooth ridges are tastefully
addicting to play with and explore. Pampering her with all my tongue had to
offer, I push into her as far as I can until I can tickle her cervix.
With a blissful bleat, the doe raises her tail as high as she could as I pop my
face out of her backside. Unable to see my friend fully, I can tell Nadda’s
taking good care of him from the way his legs twisted and flexed below her.
Pic’s frantic breathing was telling that something was about to happen; this
doe knows how get off her hunters.
One last sniff of her shiny cookie for the road, I proceed to get beside Nadda
and press my left side along her underbelly. She’s too busy working Pic to
notice. The poor ferret’s having a bit too much fun and has his face twisted
into a snarl. Nadda’s head bobs up and down, gulping and sucking at his long
ferret phallus; she was lost in her mission and slid him fully in, pressing her
nose into his belly. Aimlessly he pats and pets her face until finally
gesturing for her to pull up. She didn’t.
I couldn’t help but giggle to myself as I watch Nadda expertly massage Pic’s
member with her tongue, still pressed against him and forcing him to stay. I
jump into action as soon as Pic starts to reel back and clench his paws atop
Naddas long snout. Politely nudging underneath her neck, the doe reacts and
picks her head up and leaves behind a messy spit covered ferret. She licks her
lips and sniffles before looking over the predicament she just put her
unsuspecting friend in. He’s reclined with his pants down around his ankles,
the bottom of his shirt stained from copious amounts of deer saliva, his head
slanted, eyes rolled, gleeful smile, and an upright, twitching erection.
‘Hunter’s been hunted, eh?’ I laugh to Pic’s new friend, who replies with a
fiendish giggle.
‘I came so close… so many times…’ Pic replies in a huff. ‘Thank you.’
Nadda leaves me on the floor and steps up onto the bed; we both admire the
glint of her wet pussy in the glow of the fire as she climbs up. The doe gets
comfortable on the pillows that she had disturbed twenty minutes earlier and
turns to us with an inviting nod. She’s turned herself away from us towards the
back wall, tail raised and eyeing us needily.
I volunteer myself as tribute and jump up beside the exhausted Pic. Climbing
over the messy sheets towards our prey, she wiggles excitedly. Licking my wet
used muzzle, Nadda looks back to me with a wanting gaze and positions her rump
over the pillows, sending me into a throbbing fit. Unable to control myself at
this point I hook around her hips with my front paws and try and find my
Pic takes off the rest of his clothes before shuffling over beside us, laying
on his side as he strokes himself. Nadda closes her eyes in anticipation as I
hump away at her backside, poking and prodding her undertail while she giggles
mockingly at me.
‘Can’t find it? Mr.Big hunter dog?’ She teases before I dismount and tend to
myself. I twist my body around to pull back my swelling sheath. Upon licking at
the sensitive spots I subconsciously hump into my own mouth, excitedly spurting
a few streams of precum across my tongue. I want more, but I know I have better
things to do.
I return to the flagging doe who’s eyeing up both of her new toys. Pressing my
precum sprinkled muzzle to her, I tease her lightly to get revenge for her
previous remarks. Nadda gasps and grinds into me demandingly, whispering
‘please’ before raising her back end up. I hook her again and give a second
try, this time with a bit more luck as she’s just the right height now.
Taking a few steps forward among the excited thrusts, I find her opening. I
push in my red poker and deliver a heavy spurt of pre. The pulsing and
throbbing I once had quickly turns to ecstasy as I venture further into my
friend. Digging my claws deeper into her hips I throw my hind legs wildly
about, sliding myself in and out of her in an attempt to get my knot buried
inside. My animal tendencies get the better of me when it comes to sex and
without thinking I begin to whine in frustration.
The deer was already too lost in being used to notice Pic positioning himself
over her. Now on his knees the ferret pursued her attention by presenting
himself close to her muzzle. He gives her tender pets down her face; upon
opening her eyes she’s greeted with a warm smile and a dick in the face. Nadda
smiles back up at him before submitting to her hunter and opening wide, sending
a clear invitation which is quickly accepted.
I dig deeper, feeling myself slip farther into her. My sheath pulls back as I
press into Nadda’s pink interior, stretching her open farther and farther as
my knot pops out of its home and finds a new one.
Our preys muffled whimpers can be heard through the use of her long muzzle. Pic
has her turned to the side and providing me a great view of his escapades. The
ferret, taking her slow is focusing on giving her lots of pets, and looked as
if he was comforting her while she takes the knot.
I feel myself sink into her, making her squirm and shudder from my doggy bulb
that was expanding her insides. Again my animal side takes hold and I
aggressively pump into her, at times my half-knot popping out before stretching
its way back in. Her ridges massage my cock perfectly as I shoot a continuous
stream of fluid into her deer cave.
I slow my pace but take longer, heavier pumps and begin to pant. Feeling the
tip of my hard prick press against her cervix, she winces hard and opens her
mouth wide releasing her hold on Pic’s throbbing cock. Gasping and pressing
into my pelvis, she begged for more and rocked her hips backward and forward,
tugging at my full knot and leaving me to question if anything in life feels
Nadda props her backside up some more as I I swung a leg over, making the whole
thing official. Who knew a hunting trip could end in a tie?
As I twist around off my friend I’m immediately shot with pleasure when I begin
to unload, streaming into her a fountain of doggy fluids. My balls compress and
add a whole other sensation to the already long list. I turn back panting
heavily with a drooling face, attempting to lick at the source. I stretch as
much as I can but fail get my tongue on the goods. The pulsing won’t stop and
she’s getting more full by the second. Her pussy tightened around me as we
basked in the collecting fluid. Nada is watching over her shoulder with a
gleeful smile, taking it all in before enthusiastically tugging at me again.
Panting frantically, my tail starts to raise automatically from the touch of a
hand over my balls, and another on my shoulder blades pushing me down into a
bow. I swivel around to get a look at what Pic was doing to me, but before I
could , a warm wet sensation is spread over my tailhole. Eyes wide and maw
gaping, my heart skips a beat from the picnic going on behind me.
My friend, kneeling over us with a hand holding me down and another hand
jacking me into our deer, and lastly a face buried under my tail; his own cock
pulsing with precum and grinding against Naddas leg. Me and Nadda both cry out
in unison from all the commotion as the ferret tongue forces its way into my
clenching hole. My senses go into overdrive as I collapse into the bed while
Pic takes hold of my hips, keeping me up and burying himself further into me.
All the stirring causes Nadda to bleat and snort, frantically trying stay
attached to me. I can tell she’s filled to the brim by her facial expression
alone: twisted, sinful, and euphoric.
I hold a paw over my face and close my eyes in order to deal with so much
attention. Nadda starts to pull and tug away from me but struggles with the
tight lock that I planted inside her. The deer expresses squeaks and bleats of
satisfaction with a side of discomfort, as I can tell she can’t be loaded
anymore. I can feel her strained pussy starting to squirt warm liquid down the
my back leg, our shared fluids ran as I began to lose hold of my prey. I manage
to sneak in a few more streams of paradise before she pulls away, breaking the
dam and letting loose a wave of my watery spunk onto the pillows below. Pic
releases his grip and quickly gets back to gander at the gaping hole I’ve
Opening my eyes from the sudden release I spin around to clean my freshly
hunted doe, only to find my fellow hunter had already beat me to it. Pic
spreads her open and looks to me with a mischievous face before jiggling her
bits from side to side. Doggy juice seeps from her opening while we stare
obsessively. The doe lays motionless and sunken into the bed, eyes rolled back
and mouth in an wide smile.
‘I couldn’t help myself,’ I apologize to Pic with a laugh. ‘I just had to do
it, I meant to give you the first go!’
Pic chuckles and strokes himself with one hand and rubs Nada with the thumb of
the other, admiring the slender, brown and white four-legged lady outstretched
in front of him. ‘That’s fine… ‘ Pic reassures. ‘She’s so beautiful in every
way,’ the ferret ducks his head, embarrassed as he likely didn’t mean to
squeak out that last part.
‘Awwwwwwwwe Sachi! He’s such a sweetheart!’ Nada exclaims as she comes to and
shifts over onto her side. ‘Would you like to have me? Pic?’ The doe smiles and
reaches over to nuzzle his thigh, she can’t reach and is greeted by the ferrets
outstretched hand instead. Her brown eyes shut as she presses into the gentle
It’s hard not to laugh to myself as these two hit it off, while the only thing
I can focus on is my own semen leaking out of Pic’s new girlfriend’s vagina. To
my disappointment, she sits up and tucks her tail into its natural position to
pay more attention to my friend.
The hunter removes himself from the bed while keeping a hand on the ladies
face. He shifts around to the side of the mattress she’s closest to and
embraces her around the neck, bent over just enough to kiss and exchange
lustful gazes. Pressing into her and feeling down her shoulders and back,
sliding his length along her chest and foreleg.
I finish cleaning myself up and kick my back leg as my knot slips back into its
home. Pic delivers a deep tongue filled smooch before leading Nadda off the bed
and to the center of the cabin. The leaky doe and half erect ferret stand
together with Pics arm around her shoulder. He looks to her, smiles shyly and
shrugs. ‘I don’t really know where I was going with this…’ he admits.
Nadda laughs and looks around the cabin at all of the options. Her ears perk
with interest when her eyes fall on the table. Enthusiastically our doe
saunters over and props her front legs onto the table, spreads her back legs
and flicks her tail side to side, peering over to her suitor seductively. What a
greedy thing she is.
Pic ungracefully walks to her and cusps her haunches, teasing the area around
the goods. Parting her lips open with his fingers, she snorts excitedly and
perks her ears before pushing back against the ferrets digits needily. The
gaping doe leaks onto the floor as Pic readies himself. I wag my tail and watch
my friend paw himself before popping his tip into her.
Slowly he slips inside until the sex-hungry deer thrusts into him and sinks to
the bottom. Pic utters a few expletives and winces in surprise. Her hips work
him in long gliding motions, while Pic gets more involved and humps in concert
with the doe.
Pulsating again I explore all the smells wafting through the building. My
senses shifted from the smell of sex to my own needs,I needed more. Climbing off
the bed I join the couple and exchange a smile with Nadda from across the
table. Tossing my front half up I nose her cheek. Suddenly she’s flipped to her
side and being pushed across towards me, pushing me to the edge before drooping
her head below and twisting onto her back.
Pic, deep inside her the whole time carried onward. Spearing her right where it
counts he uses her legs and hips to propel his prey into him. I found myself
supporting myself on Naddas chest, and getting a wonderful view of all the
provocative things Pic was up to. A frosty feeling on my balls compelled me to
jump a little and reel back. Looking down was Nadda nosing around between my
legs with her cold nose, attempting to get better access to what I had to
offer. I help her out and move back a bit more and line my tool up to the
target. Quickly taking to the task and playing with the tip of my sheath, she’s
greeted by a spritz of pre across her chin. Nadda responds by taking a long
inhale of my balls up to by sheath before planting her tongue, pulling my red
tip out and hiding it in her mouth with a teasing motions.
She cries in bliss as Pic delivers a one two punch and buries himself deep
within, rooting about before trapping her legs in a tight grip. Half of my
length exploded in sensations from her expertly piloted tongue as I spurt away.
Nadda noses my sheath back and eagerly swallows me whole, even going so far to
take in my knot. Just you wait…
The brave little doe gulps down whatever she can find as I pop myself in and
out of her muzzle. Her cold nose tickles my balls with each go. Pic hammers her
against the table, pushing her closer into me. Panting heavily I start to drool
on her chest as hers rubs against mine.
‘Fuck!’ Pic cries as he visually looks distressed, clearly trying to hold
himself together. He slows his pace while I make a final pump into Naddas
throat to make a delivery. Her mouth grows tighter as my red bulb expands,
emptying my balls into her. She tries her best to swallow my doggy-seed but
since she’s upsidedown, it escapes onto the floor below.
Pic grunts and squeaks before releasing his grip of her legs, switching to both
haunches and spreading her filled pussy with his thumbs. Slow and tired
thrusting, he starts unloading into our prey. And not with the gun this time!
The ferret releases a few solid shots into her cervix before pulling out. Still
cumming, he rubs his cock up and down the length of her folds and enters the
doe once more. ‘You’re so… so great’ he exclaims, petting her underside and
comforting her as she moans through my pulsing prick.
I can stand here all day…but I don’t know how much of me she can take, being
upsidedown and all. Her muffled voice sounds from below and her front legs
bounce up and down in a sort of a panic. I don’t want to, but I pull out the
knot from her muzzle to give her room to breath. Her gasp echoes throughout the
cabin as the red veiny cock pumps into the roof of her mouth. Nadda licks up
the pool and waits for another round, breathing heavily as she leaks from both
ends. Rolling her tongue along the tip, she tried to gather as much as possible
in her futile attempts to drink upside-down. Pic slips out his fading erection,
proudly donning their bodily fluids.
Nadda pulls back and squirms around on the table to get upright, giving us each
an exhausted kiss before stepping down off the table. Jumping back up to the
soggy bed, the doe happily rolls around in the blankets before stopping and
looking back at her boys.
Still on full display and uncontrollably adding to the pool on the floor, I
follow behind Pic to the bedside where he sits. I jump up to the bed and lay
between the two, trapping the ferret and cleaning his mess with tender licks. A
hand pets the top of my head as I settle his rod into my muzzle. Slipping my
nose to the base and searching for more spunky goodness that didn’t make it
into the deer. I spritz all over myself as the doe does the same for me,
pushing me to my side and raising my leg as she finishes what she started.
‘Well… I really like hunting, that’s for sure!’ Pic proclaims, his cock
receding back to it’s normal state before I give him a few last minute laps.
Nadda pops her head up to avoid getting too lost on my lipstick again. ‘I’m
very happy you joined the poochie this time,’ She adds. ‘It’s sooo much more
exciting with the gun!’
I get out from between them and sprawl out on the pillows, letting the couple
come together and enjoy some after sex cuddling to themselves. Licking myself I
watch the two with a smile as they hug and rub off on each other. So cute!
Panting, I stare admiringly at Pic’s freshly made creampie.
The fire pops and crackles as things start to calm down. The pair looking
lovingly at each other and I sit up and look around the room looking for
something…. But I can’t remember what.
‘Will you be back?’ Nadda asks hesitantly. ‘I’m here all year-round!’
The ferret smirks and shakes his head, ‘I’m definitely going to need more time
off for you.’ He declares confidently. ‘I’ll tell everyone back in town that
deer meat is the best meat!’ he says jokingly as he gives her a drawn out
‘first kiss’.
Suddenly they both look back to me as a unearthly rumble broke the romantic
silence. My eyes widen from slight embarrassment, looking to my stomach. ‘So…
what’s for supper?’

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