No Mares Needed – ft Kylewolf

Story fabulously done by kylewolf73 kylewolf73
Here’s his SF!

Such a pleasure to work with. Definitely recommend checking out his other stories <3

The sound of a meaty slap brought Mallick back to the present, his jaws pausing for a moment as he looked up from chewing. Ears twitching, he waited a moment before snorting and lowering his head back to the hay. Weird.


This time, Mallick’s head shot up, ears perked. That definitely came from Al. He turned a suspicious eye towards his friend, flicking his neck. The stallion’s white coat glinted in the sunlight; Mallick couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy that Al had been brushed earlier while his own coat hadn’t been in several days. However, Al was still wearing his reins and harness, like Mallick, so he felt a little better. The saddle was off, but a bunch of the straps had been left on unfortunately. At least they took out our bits. Al was just grazing sedately, tail flicking occasionally to ward off insects. “You…”


Oooohhhhh… Mallick blushed beneath his dark chestnut fur, looking away quickly. Should have guessed… Their masters had left them out in the pasture for a very specific reason. It was that time of year again, when the mares all went into heat, and damn if they didn’t smell wonderful. So, they had been locked away in the barn, and the stallions set out to roam the pasture to try to get that amazing smell out of their noses. Of course, it’s never that easy, with the hormones pumping and the scent of heat in the air. Mallick was usually just a bit more… Discrete… About it.

Now that Al had started though, he found himself strangely transfixed by the sight. He had never looked too closely at what his friend was packing, beyond his dark, leathery sheath before, but now that it was all out for his viewing pleasure… The long heavy shaft, dark at the base and tip with a perfect pinkish patch in the middle, clear dew beading at the tip, shifted and bobbled with the stallion’s heartbeat. Even as he watched, Al flexed it upwards again, smacking the girthy length up against his belly and shifting his hips, grinding it into his fur. With every little jab of his hips, he left a little trail of shiny pre splattered on his previously pristine belly fur; when he let it fall back down, a little string briefly connected the leaky tip to the mess on his belly before snapping back to his cock. 

Suddenly, Mallick could feel his own cock dropping from his sheath, and for once it wasn’t mares on his mind. It took only moments before his own cock was slapping half-involuntarily against his stomach, his own sharp musk hitting his nostrils and mixing with Al’s. He grunted, twitching his hips forwards to rub his shaft against his belly fur; already, he could feel little dribbles of pre spurting. For a moment in his sex-addled brain, he considered just continuing, rubbing his cock against his belly and finishing up that way alongside Al… But then he took another look at the monster his friend was packing, and that idea quickly went out the window for a better one. 

Mallick trotted towards his friend, flicking his mane from his eyes. “Hey Al,” he remarked, slowing to a stop in front of the white stallion. “I got an idea, bud.”

Al immediately lowered his head, blushing slightly and trying to block Mallick’s view of his throbbing, dripping shaft even as it dropped back down again. “Oh jeez, Mallick… Sorry you had to…” The sudden pause was just what Mallick had been expecting. Al’s eyes widened, and Mallick could just imagine his friend’s eyes fixated upon his own swinging length, dark up to the medial ring and then a light pink for the rest. The stallion’s head remained down for a few moments, just staring wide-eyed before he slowly raised his head up again. 

All bashfulness was suddenly gone from Al’s expression, replaced by a lustful smirk and a naughty glint in his eye. “What did you have in mind there?” he asked in his soft drawl. The stallion’s cock slapped up against his belly loudly, and Mallick couldn’t help but notice a few drops of slick pre splatter up against his leg. 

“I think you know,” Mallick said, nickering as he sniffed at the sticky mess. Looking his friend directly in the eye, he slowly extended his tongue and flicked it across the damp patch. At once the tangy flavour, unfamiliar but not unpleasant, splashed across his taste buds, and he nickered again. “We’re stuck out here away from the mares, but that doesn’t mean we have to keep abstinent in the meantime…” Licking his lips, he pointedly stared between Al’s slightly spread front legs. Right on queue, Al flicked his cock up again, and Mallick flinched as the hot droplets of fluid splashed across his face. He didn’t pull back though; chuckling, he licked his cheek where he had gotten tagged. Suddenly, Al was tasting as sweet as a mare, better even! 

Snaking his head around Al’s front legs, he stepped forward and extended his neck until his head was level with the stallion’s half-flared out cock head. Inhaling, he basked in Al’s sharp musk until he felt light headed; huffing the air out, he shook his head a little. No more playing around. Reaching his tongue out again, he cupped that throbbing head, letting Al’s wide urethra rest flat upon his tongue. The taste enthralled him, excited him, and he couldn’t help but slap up against his own belly again. Soon, he thought. You’ll get yours, and I’ll get mine! 

He was not prepared for Al’s reaction to his gentle tonguing though. His brain, already addled by the mares’ intoxicating scents, keyed up his instincts to a fever pitch, and suddenly all he could think to do was mount.

With a loud whinny, Al reared up on his hind legs, front legs flailing at the air for a moment before settling down hard on his friend’s shoulders. Ignoring Mallick’s surprised grunt, he leaned down for long enough to take the darker stallion’s reins in his mouth before raising his head up again, tugging his friend’s head back and lining his sizeable cock up. Before Mallick could even make another noise, he had jabbed his hips forward, and suddenly his cock tip was buried in Mallick’s warm muzzle.

Mallick swallowed his shock with some difficulty even as he gulped his friend’s shaft down, bristling slightly at the rough treatment. Al should just be glad I don’t still have a bit in my mouth, or this would have turned out quite differently… Still, he couldn’t deny that this had been one of his goals all along, even if he had meant to be in control of the action. Even as Al jabbed his hips forwards again, shoving more of his pulsing shaft into Mallick’s muzzle, he couldn’t quite be mad. Opening his mouth a little wider, he worked his tongue around the thrusting cock, grunting with pleasure. The taste was even better now that the source was directly in his mouth, sweet pre, sharp musk. He grunted, suckling lightly and just trying to hang on.

Grunting loudly, Al jabbed his hips forwards again, the deepest thrust yet. Mallick actually felt the flat tip of his cock, not yet flared out, pass slightly into his throat; the medial ring slid smoothly in, followed by another few inches until it felt like his friend’s leathery sac was about to slap against his chin. The end of his baggy sheath was nearly pressed up against his lips, and if Mallick were in any other state of mind he would have been wondering just what the hell he was doing practically kissing Al’s sheath. Now though, with sex on the brain, it felt like the most natural thing in the world; and really, what did kissing his sheath matter when the stallion’s massive meat were already buried in his mouth? Even though he’d never even been with a mare, let alone a stallion, he had no trouble figuring out the right moves to use on Al. Probably helps that he’s more using my mouth as a surrogate vagina, not much I have to do here besides swallow! he chuckled, gulping noisily.

Suddenly, Al yanked hard on the reins, tugging Mallick’s head up. The slight movement was all Al needed to perfect the alignment; now, he drove forwards hard and fast, and with Mallick’s mouth perfectly lined up to his cock he had no resistance in driving the entire length of it into Mallick’s tight, gulping throat, heavy nuts slapping up against Mallick’s chin. Shuffling back and forth on his hind legs, he kept up the tension on the reins while jabbing his hips forward in a series of sharp, powerful thrusts.

The only way Mallick could breath was through his nose, and when he did the scent of stallion, raw and powerful, blasted through his brain and drove him wild. His own cock throbbed, dripping long gooey strands of pre to the grass, but he ignored that for now. He could tell Al was getting close, telltale short thrusts jerking his head back and forth as the stallion’s medial ring tugged at his lips. The big stallion’s dark, leathery balls bobbled up and down with every thrust, starting to tighten up against Al’s body even as he watched. Thick, syrupy pre now sprayed out of Al’s tip at an almost constant and unbelievable rate; every time his friend pulled back he would get another spray across his tongue, slickening his cock’s passage. He doubled down on his sucking, clamping his lips tight around the big stallion’s throbbing shaft. 

He could feel Al’s tip starting to flare out, and with a shock realized that Al was basically there already. Pulling back as hard as he could against the reins, he managed to get enough of the thick shaft out of his mouth that his fattening tip rested against his tongue. Tightening his lips now, he bobbed his head back and forth in time with Al’s wild thrusts, suckling for all he was worth. Come on! Finish it!

A wild neigh from above him was all the warning he had; before he could even think You could have warned me!, Al’s cock tip had flared out to what felt like the size of a melon in his mouth, and with no further adieu his mouth was suddenly full of hot, gooey equine bliss. Mallick swallowed as quickly as he could, revelling in the rich, salty taste, but there was just so much of it that he couldn’t keep up. Quickly, little rivulets of semen started leaking from the edges of his mouth, and try as he might he couldn’t keep up with the output of the white stallion’s flexing balls. 

Al jerked his hips forwards again, and suddenly that massive flare was lodged back in Mallick’s throat. The chestnut stallion panicked a little, trying to pull back, but Al’s grip on the reins was absolute. From this vantage, with his lips pressed right up against his friend’s baggy sheath, Mallick could see Al’s massive balls jumping and twitching, feel the powerful pulses as they rushed down his long cock, and feel the resulting splash of warmth directly in his throat. Despite his lack of air, Mallick had never felt so horny in his life.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity Al’s flare had shrunk enough to allow a little air to pass again, and with a bit of regret Mallick pulled his head back tentatively. Orgasm over, Al let him go, and with a loud and messy splash, Al’s softening cock flopped out of Mallick’s muzzle. Mallick couldn’t help but give the tip one last quick lick; even with the cock gone from his mouth, he felt like he would be tasting Al on his breath for hours.

With a contented grunt, Al slowly dismounted, climbing off of Mallick’s shoulders with more care than he had shown climbing on. Stepping back a couple paces, he looked at Mallick with concern, nuzzling at his nose a little. “Hey, ah, sorry about… That, at the end. I didn’t mean to go so deep but…” He trailed off sheepishly, but the shit-eating grin on his face belied his words.

“Don’t you worry about it, pal. No harm done!” Now it was Mallick’s turn to grin. Twisting his body to the side, he flexed his cock, letting a little splatter of fluids splash across his belly. “My turn!”


Now that his own desires had been met for the moment, Al stared at Mallick’s swinging shaft with a little concern, but in the end he couldn’t imagine not paying his friend back for the incredible climax he had just experienced. Lowering his head, he immediately wrapped his lips around Mallick’s tip, eliciting a surprised whinny from his friend. Ducking his head lower, he slid his lips deeper along the hard rod until his lips kissed his friend’s ring.

Abruptly, Mallick danced away, and with a surprising feeling of regret Al let his cock slip from his muzzle, bouncing lewdly like the world’s naughtiest bobble-head. The grin on Mallick’s face made him nervous; it was a hungry expression, one that he had never seen on his friend’s face before. “I’ve got other ideas here, pal,” Mallick stated with a wink. “Now turn around!”

Al’s eyes felt like they were popping out of his head; he felt like he had just been smacked upside the head. “Ex… Excuse me?”

Mallick’s smirk widened. “You heard me. You got yours how you wanted, I get mine the same! Now, turn around stallion!”

Al floundered for words for a moment, gaping at his Mallick. “Seriously?” 

Mallick nodded and tossed his head, cock slapping against his belly.

Fine… Al grumbled to himself, hesitantly turning around. He didn’t remember signing up for this, but he supposed it was only fair that they each got to have it their own way. To his surprise, Mallick didn’t mount up immediately, but instead stuck his nose right below Al’s tail, snuffling lightly. A tentative tongue reached out to lap at his tight pucker, and Al couldn’t help but sigh at the sudden pleasure. Nothing had ever even come near there before, and he had never imagined that a simple lick could bring pleasure there! Flicking his tail to the side, he pressed his hips back slightly against Mallick’s delving tongue.

However, Mallick only gave another couple licks before stopping. With a grunt, he leapt up to his back legs and curled his front around Al’s hips, slapping his cock up to his belly to get it positioned. 

Al gulped as he felt the other stallion’s cock tip resting against his tightly clenched doughnut, dripping warm liquid on it. “Please… Just… Be gentle?” he asked hesitantly.

Mallick was having none of that. With a powerful jab of his hips, he smacked his blunt cock tip up against his friend’s clenched ring. For a moment, all was still, and then his hips won through. Even as Al gasped in shock, Mallick gasped as well as the first six inches of his cock plunged into the other stallion’s warm, tight passage. Made slick by his own spit and Al’s, there was little friction to oppose him from delving deeper, and he did just that, hunching his hips forwards again until he felt his medial ring pressed up against Al’s spasming doughnut. He paused for a moment, smirking. “You okay down there, bud?”

Al’s cheeks were burning, although not nearly as much as his forcefully widened tailhole. The penetration had been quick, and clenched as he had been, it had not been pleasant. However, even as Mallick’s hips ground to a halt, even amidst the shocking pain, a little twinge of pleasure shot through his body. He ground his teeth, locking his knees to keep them from shaking. In a too-steady voice, he said, “Yep, all good down here.” He felt like saying, no, it feels like there’s a fuckin’ tree shoved up my ass! But it wasn’t like Mallick was about to stop now. He could remember how his own blood had boiled as soon as the warmth of Mallick’s muzzle had surrounded his cock, and knew that the dark stallion wouldn’t stop until he was satisfied.

True to Al’s thoughts, Mallick only paused for a moment before jabbing forwards again hard, driving his cock even deeper into Al’s tight passage. The warmth and tightness was incredible; he had never felt anything so good. Bellyslapping was about as exciting as chewing grass compared to this! His balls churned, his cock throbbed with need. Pulling his hips back, he paused a moment with just the tip still in, and then rammed forwards with all his might.

With a grunt, Al shifted, trying to pull forwards slightly, but Mallick again was having none of that. Leaning down, he bit a fold of skin on Al’s shoulder none too lightly, holding him in place. Al had never felt so full in his lifetime… He felt like Mallick had driven his cock halfway through his body, and at any moment he half expected the tip of it to press up against the back of his lips. Thankfully though, at least Mallick’s pre was slickening his passage, or he could only imagine this would hurt like crazy. Even with the incredible depths that Mallick was plundering to now, though, Al couldn’t deny the pleasure he was getting from this. With his friend’s cock so deep now, every time he shifted his hips and thrust his medial ring rubbed up against… Something. Something magical. It felt almost as good as when his cock had been buried in Mallick’s muzzle, and incredulously he felt his own cock stiffening again to slap against his belly. It was a little sore from the recent climax, but he was amazed to feel it so ready to go again so soon! The initial pain of penetration had almost completely disappeared; what little was left was being so totally overridden by the electric pleasure he was feeling.

Mallick thrust again hard, and Al let out a shocked whinny as he felt the stallion’s heavy balls smack up against his rear. Holy shit, he’s really buried all in! He couldn’t help but grunt in pleasure alongside his friend as his own cock throbbed suddenly, a light splatter of sticky pre spraying against his down-turned chin. Fuck me, I’ve never shot that far before… he thought in awe, ducking his head. You know, I think I could get used to this. 

The next time Mallick thrust, Al thrust back, grinding his hips back hard and forcing that entire, glorious shaft back into his tailhole. Astonishingly, he could feel the familiar, telling pressure building up at the base of his shaft again; apparently, he hadn’t gotten enough the first time! I’m almost there already! Even though Mallick’s cock was wedged deep up his ass, and his friend was in total control of the speed, he grit his teeth, trying his best to hold back the climax. I’m not going to cum before him, I’m not! Definitely not when I’m not even touching myself! he thought with a grimace, grunting as another spurt of his own pre took him in the muzzle. 

He was in luck though. Mallick’s thrusts were getting faster and shorter than ever, driving his cock in up to his sheath on every jab. Al could practically feel him getting ready to burst by the second. He grit his teeth, forcing himself to relax, forcing himself to take it, but not to climax… And then Mallick whinnied, and he let himself go.

Even as his own cock head flared to ludicrous proportions, he could feel a sudden tight swelling in his own rear as Mallick’s did the same. The rush of warmth, and feeling of even-more-fullness were all that it took to send Al over a second time. His first shot, astonishingly powerful even though he had drained his balls just minutes before, splattered hard against his chin; the next, he caught awkwardly in his open, upside-down mouth before just letting his head hang and the feeling sweep through his body. Mallick’s piercing whinny seemed to last forever, and it felt like every moment his tight passage got even fuller as the big stallion finally released his load. Every second of it was pure bliss, and time slowed to a crawl.

Eventually though, all good things come to an end. His own cock spent and hanging limply, he shivered as Mallick slowly withdrew his own deflating shaft. As the tip passed his now loose ring, it loudly popped out, thick white stallion cream splattering all over Al’s rear end. Wearily sighing, Mallick dismounted, giving Al’s rear a couple licks to clean away the worst of it before walking slowly back up to his friend’s front. 

“That okay for you, Al?…” Mallick trailed off, seeing the splatters all over Al’s chin the ground beneath him. “I take it that’s a yes?”

Al nickered, resting his head against Mallick’s neck. “Yeah, I didn’t think it would be good, but… Fuck me!”

Mallick snickered. “I did!” He looked his exhausted friend over for a moment, doing some mental math. Damn, that must have been pretty amazing… Who would have thought? He thought back briefly to the mares in their barn, but smirked and shook his head, staring lecherously at Al’s slowly shrinking cock. I might have to try that next time…

As if Al read his thoughts, Al bumped his head against Mallick’s neck. “It was great, but next time it’s your ass!”

Shivering in anticipation, Mallick grinned. “You’ve got a deal!”

The End!

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