The Dogs and the Wolf – ft SymmetricalWolf

Story by symmetricalwolf

WARNING: The following story contains consensual sexual acts between animals and zoophilia.

The Dogs and the Wolf
by: Nukos

        Too late.
        The last thing Oo saw was a flash of red and white, followed by a blur of what she could only assume was Faye, taking off after it.
        “Faye wait!”
        Already the red boarder collie knew there was no stopping her friend and she would only be wasting her breath if she tired. Once Faye had a target in her sights there wasn’t a force on the farm that could get in her way. Oo wasn’t even sure what she had run off after. Despite having lived with Faye most of her life, the young collie/dalmatian mix’s broken English still sometimes threw her through a loop. The only thing left to do now was to chase hopelessly after her. 
        Oo was in top shape. One doesn’t spend their entire life herding flocks of sheep and not develop a muscle or two. Unfortunately Faye already had one hell of a head start on her. She had no idea what her friend was chasing, but Faye had a very high drive, and knowing what normally happened when she caught up to her prey Oo feared the worst for whatever it was.
        “Faye come back! Master says you’re not supposed to do that any more!”
        As she predicted, her breath was wasted. Oo’s muscles burned as she tore across the lush grassy acres of the Pinette farm. It was late spring, all the snow had melted and the muddy season was long past. What remained after the runoff soaked completely into the soil was rich green grass as far as the eye could see. The Pinette’s owned two hundred acres just outside of Dryden, a small town in Southern Canada about three-hundred and fifty kilometers east of Winnipeg. This was Oo and Faye’s favorite time of year. 
        Ahead of her she spotted Faye’s black and white blur as her friend banked hard to the right and Oo followed suit. Whatever she was chasing was fast and highly agile but so were the two collies. A sharp left, then a right, then into where the grass was overgrowing, causing the two girls to leap and bound through the thick sea of green just to keep their targets. Suddenly a hard U-turn and their prey dashed into the woods. Faye adjusted instantaneously but Oo was so concerned with her partner she missed the initial maneuver. The lead collie shot off into the treeline leaving Oo to trip awkwardly over her tangled legs and go tumbling ungracefully into the plush foliage.
        From Oo’s new upside-down perspective she could see the fluffy cumulus clouds drifting lazily by, occasionally rolling across the bright, warm spring sun and casting momentary shadow across the landscape. Off in the distance she could hear a bird chirping. Followed by a crash. Followed by the dramatic high-pitched squeal of something getting tackled to the forest floor.
        “Well, that was almost peaceful for a moment.”
        Oo clambered to her paws and bolted towards the sound, suddenly fearing the worst for the poor creature. Ahead of her was the treeline that marked one of the edges of the farm. She knew the two of them weren’t supposed to go beyond that border, but Faye and Oo would often sneak out into the woods for a little exploration and fun. Her paws pounded the earth as she ran, knowing she was most likely already too late to rescue Faye’s newest victim, but she had to try anyway.
        With a dramatic burst Oo crashed through the clearing to find Faye and what she could now see was a red fox. A tod from the looks of it. She skidded to a halt when she saw the scene.
        “Oh Faye, no…”
        It was too late. This is exactly what Oo had feared. Despite their talks and what the humans had said when they repeatedly caught her doing this, her friend just couldn’t help herself.
        Faye was molesting him.
        “Look! Aye can fit da whole ting in my mouf!”
        The collie had the poor fox pinned and whimpering on his back with Faye’s paw on his chest. Her muzzle was down between the vulpine’s hind legs and it seemed the fox’s obvious fear wasn’t enough to discourage the pulsing erection Faye had somehow managed to give him. True to her word she parted her jaws and engulfed the fox’s hard cock, knot and all, into her muzzle, making the male whine and buck his hips involuntarily.
        “Faye, we talked about this. You can’t just jump every creature you come across.”
        Her friend looked up at it with a “why not?” expression, fox shaft still stuffing her muzzle. Completely undiscouraged and with her tail arched high Faye simply returned to her task, coming up for air only momentarily to yip at Oo.
        “Time me!”
        “Faye, let him go, I’m not going to-“
        “Time mee!” she whined playfully then began once again drooling on the pulsing red fox cock.
        With a defeated sigh Oo sat close to them and began ticking off numbers in her head. She fanged her lip as she did so. Even though she knew they weren’t supposed to do this, seeing her sexy friend play this game always secretly aroused her. As subtly as she could she moved a paw back down between her haunches, feeling her warm, damp spade and began to grind herself against her pad. Her eyes darted back and forth between the throbbing red member going in and out of the other collies muzzle, and Faye’s backside. She knew her friend was pointing her rump at her intentionally, showing Oo her glistening dog pussy, letting her see it clench with arousal. It looked inviting and lickable and even though Oo pretended like she hated when Faye did this to her, she knew her friend did it because Oo got off to it. The red collie found herself leaning towards Faye’s backside, sniffing at the aroma of her arousal in the air.
        Oo and barely reached ninety-eight when a squeal brought her attention back to the fox. The male was bucking wildly against Faye’s muzzle and she could see her friend swallowing over and over as the fox was forced to release himself into her mouth. Faye’s giddy and lustful eyes were locked on the paw that Oo was grinding and the red collie gave a blush, but didn’t stop. With a sudden movement Faye released the fox, a jet of his seed glancing across her muzzle and she pounced her collie friend, pinning Oo to the ground and pressing their lips together. Oo lot off a yip of surprise and found herself tasting warm fox cum from Faye’s muzzle. Unable to suppress a lustful growl she lapped at Faye’s mouth greedily, the poor fox forgotten about as he tried to slip away as casually as possible before the two dogs decided to make an actual meal of him. He knew his escape was a little obvious due to the line of semen he left from his still spurting cock, but survival instincts were enough for him to make his getaway anyway.
        Oo could feel Faye pressing her hindquarters down against her, the warmth of the other collie’s sex sent a shiver up her spine as their spades brushed against each other.
        A sharp whistle cut through the trees and both girls heads shot up.
        Before Oo even had time to chastise Faye the collies were on their feet and running full speed back towards the farmhouse. Another piercing whistle cut across the field, making them both flatten their ears and pump their legs harder, knowing their master wouldn’t be pleased with their absence and keeping him waiting would only exacerbate their punishment.  The two girls may have been far from the farm, but running full out it was only moments before they could see their human standing on the porch to the farm house, fingers in his mouth, ready to give the disobedient dogs another long distance scolding.
        Like two fur covered rockets the collies leaped onto the porch, both dropping to their backs at their masters feet with apologetic wags and whines, wriggling back and forth and nipping at each other as if to cast the blame the others direction.
        “Just where have you two been?” The mockingly stern voice of their master was met with a serious of yowls and whimpers as the two of them squirmed at his feet, tucked tails wagging madly back and forth as if they could blow away their human’s displeasure. It was Oo that leaped to her feet first, licking submissively at her human’s hand as if to proclaim her innocence. A split second later Faye was on his other hand, licking and giving him harmless bites, the symphony of their whimpers and barks never ceasing. 
        The man laughed.
        “Alright, alright, you two are pathetic. You’ve both got work to do so go inside and get yourselves a drink then we’ll-” He paused, his eyes narrowing as noticed something about one of his collies.
        “Faye, just what is that on your face?”
        Oo’s head snapped toward her fast enough to cause whiplash. Sure enough, smeared all across her friend’s left cheek and all over her whiskers was the very obvious, still moist fox semen.
        The human took her muzzle carefully in his hand and leaned down close to examine her. Faye knew better than to move a muscle while he looked her over, but that didn’t stop the sudden decibel increase in her yowling. She sounded worse than a puppy caught in a bear trap. Desperately, Oo licked and nipped at his other hand in between barking, but their human simply brushed her away and continued his inspection.
        “Faye, is this what I think it is?” Another yowl in reply. “What have I told you two girls about this? You can get seriously hurt doing that to the wrong animal you know, not everything in the forest is friendly.” He snapped his fingers and pointed at the door. “Inside, both of you.”
        Oo shot Faye a look full of daggers, being once again guilty by association. Both girls, now completely quiet, sulked into the house with lowered heads and tucked tails. Once inside the dogs retreated to their groveling spot beside their human’s bed and curled up against each other. A moment later their master followed holding a damp cloth. He knelt next to the dogs and took Faye’s muzzle again in his hand and began cleaning the sticky spot from her maw. He gave a little sigh as he worked, mumbling softly to himself, ticking off a list of potential suspects in and around the farm that might have been victimized by his dogs.
        “You know, you girls are lucky I never fixed either one of you.”
        They of course had no idea what he meant, but he continued anyway.
        “Last thing I need is one of you getting knocked up by some coyote or something.”
        He looked her over and, seeming satisfied enough, tossed the rag to the side and ruffled her ears then rubbed her shoulders, reaching out with a hand to rub Oo’s head as well.
        “Rascals. What am I going to do with you two?”
        Oo was too wrapped up getting her pet to notice that while Faye was getting her shoulders rubbed she had lowered her head and was sniffing at their human’s thigh. Before man or red collie could react, Faye pressed her nose against their master’s groin and began licking a wet spot onto the front of his jeans.
        “H-hey now. Okay I get it you’re sorry, don’t be doing that.”
        Faye only whined back at him and licked harder. Oo gave her a nip on the haunch but her friend was incorrigible. To Oo’s surprise their master didn’t push her away. In fact, the bulge on the front of their human’s jeans seemed to be growing. A throaty growl of arousal escaped Oo’s throat before she had the chance to retract it. Defeated, she pushed her way in next to her friend and began licking as well, the two collies sliding their tongues over each others as they did their best to recompense their transgression. 
        “Geeze you too Oo? B-bad dogs.”
        Their human didn’t see to be in any kind of hurry to stop them though. Instead he swore and glanced backwards towards the bedroom door.
        “You two are lucky the misses won’t be home for a few hours or she would skin all three of us.”
        He was moving his hips against the two dogs muzzles and grunted before giving another glance backwards towards the door, as if someone might spring through it at any moment and discover their debauchery.
        “You girls I swear… I can’t believe I’m doing this…”
         Once last nervous look then their master moved onto his knees and unbuckled his jeans. He hooked his thumbs in both his pants and his underwear and slid them together down over his hips, exposing his fully erect seven inch penis to his two dogs. The two girls set on him immediately, licking over each other and up and down his shaft and balls, causing their master to groan with delight. Soon the collies were tag-teaming his cock, with on engulfing his member into her muzzle and sucking while the other lapped at his balls until the dog without a full muzzle would nip at her friend and they would switch off. They seemed to be trying to race each other to see who it was that was going to swallow their human’s seed when suddenly Oo found a pair of strong arms around her as their human lifted her and set her on the bed. Faye gave a yip of surprise as she soon followed, getting gently set down next to her friend on the mattress.
        Both collies watched with interest as their master stripped off the rest of his clothing. They had seen him naked before, and had even seen him erect when the female human and him mated, but he had never been hard like this just for them and both girls waggled and wriggled excitedly as he crawled onto the bed with them. He poked one collie on the nose, then the other.
        “You two can’t tell anyone about this.” The two dogs licked at his face and chest before Oo found herself being laid on her back, her human moving over her.
        “Damn horny dogs.” Their master mumbled as he reached down and took hold of his throbbing cock. He rubbed the head up and down Oo’s wet canine pussy, making her whimper and lick at his neck while Faye lapped excitedly and encouragingly at her muzzle.
        It took him a moment of rubbing (not that Oo minded) to figure out her anatomy. It wasn’t long though before his hard tip nested its way past her outer lips and found her pussy opening. He gave a grunt.
        “Holy hell you feel tight girl. I don’t even care anymore if this is wrong.” A statement he made more than apparent as he pushed himself forward and sunk his human cock into Oo’s canine pussy, causing her to yip and whimper in pleasure.
        He pulled himself almost completely out and pushed in again, dragging her body some as he did so while Oo’s tight walls clenched on her master’s dick.
        “Ah, Oo. S-stop clenching, it’s too much.”
        The red collie could feel her human throbbing inside her and despite his words she couldn’t help but squeeze on him all the harder. Faye whined, hovering about the two as their master mated her friend, alternating between licking Oo’s muzzle and her human’s face.
        “Oo, I mean it you have to stop c-clenching, ah!”
        Oo yelped as their human thrust hard into her and felt his cock thicken as ropes of his semen pumped into her, spraying out deeply into her pussy as she whimpered in pleasure. After a moment he buried his face into Oo’s fur, breathing heavily, then finally lifted his head and gave her a kiss on the bridge of her nose.
        “Didn’t know you were so tight.” Faye gave a whine and he laughed, reaching out and stroking under her chin, making her tail wag madly. “Sorry sweetheart. We’ll do this again when the wife isn’t home and I’ll make sure to play with you too.” He backed up a little, slipping his softening cock out of the collie with a shivering sigh. He crawled backwards off the bed and began looking for where he had kicked off his clothing.
        “Okay, seriously you two it’s getting dark and those sheep aren’t going to corral themselves.”

        Oo and Faye spent the rest of the evening doing one of their favorite activities, herding the flock. Well, Faye spent part of the evening complaining at Oo in broken English about how Oo got to play with the master and she didn’t, but once they began nipping heals and barking at lambs Faye quickly forgot that she was supposed to be upset and her and her friend were once again running through the soft grass, racing the setting sun.
        The two collie girls had been inseparable ever since the humans decided to add a second dog to ease the herding. When Faye showed up Oo thought she would be apprehensive of the new arrival, but the moment their human opened the door to his truck Faye leaped out and tackled her, deciding that Oo was her new best friend whether she wanted to be or not. 
        Faye had been born and raised in China, bred from the world class herding dog Padron Maxwell III who held many records in just as many countries. Unfortunately for Maxwell’s bloodline, Faye was sort of the black sheep of the liter. While she was highly intelligent and learned the basics of herding quickly, her attention span often seemed to falter when it came time for competition. As a result she wound up being shipped overseas before she turned two, bought by a farmer and his wife to be a companion herder for their collie. Luckily the arrangement had turned out best for everyone, Faye loved her new life in Canada and Oo for the most part didn’t mind teaching her easily distracted friend. Especially since those distractions often put Oo in sexually charged situations, though Oo would never admit how much she loved that.
        Initially the language barrier was a difficult one. Faye knew very little English and Oo knew even less Chinese, but as time passed words turn into short sentences which turned into conversation. By now Oo could mostly understand her friend, but every now and then Faye could still throw her.
        “Sheep not many ’nuff.”
        Oo grazed a hoof with her teeth, causing a particularly lazy ewe to baa ungratefully at her and scamper away towards the rest of the herd. After giving the formation a once over, she loped over to her friend.
        “Sheep not many ’nuff!”
        Oo gave her a look. As if repeating the exact same phrase was going to make it any clearer.
        “Say it differently.”
        Oo often had to correct Faye’s English and found the best way to figure out what she was talking about was to force her to try and reword her sentences.
        Faye sat on her haunches and furrowed her brow, trying to decipher this intricate language puzzle.
        “Shood be foe tee foe. O-nee foe tee too.”
        Now it was Oo’s turn to furrow her brow. The flock was in the gates now and their human was closing the pen for the night. Quickly Oo began counting. Then recounted. Sure enough, there were two sheep missing. 
        Both collie’s eyes scanned the horizon, keen canine eyes able to track any movement even in the low light. Oo harrumphed.
        “Master hasn’t noticed.” She mused.
        “He count bad!”
        So elegantly put, Oo thought. However Faye wasn’t wrong. Their owner seemed completely oblivious to the fact that two sheep were simply gone. It seemed he had either breezed through or simply not done the nightly count, but there was no denying he would surely notice in the morning. 
        Losing just one sheep was by far the worst thing the collies could do, much worse than sexually harassing the local wild life. Luckily for the two girls their human always let them run around together after the flock was in and he made his way back towards the farmhouse without too much concern for their whereabouts.
        “Haf to find or he keelus!”
        Oo couldn’t agree more and both dogs took off in two different directions. Faye had already figured out how to open and close the sheep pen, and if they could locate the renegade ewes they could slip them back into the herd before morning and their master would never have to know their oversight.
        Oo bolted immediately to the hidden grove she knew the sheep liked to hide sometimes when they didn’t want to come in. She checked the grove religiously every night and was mentally kicking herself for slacking as she crossed the field towards it. The threats starting flying from her muzzle before she even made the final burst into the grove, certain the rogue sheep would be waiting for her.
        “Alright you walking sweaters, you may think you’re baad but if you don’t get moving it’s going to be an early sheer this-“
        She skidded to a halt.
        The grove was completely empty.
        Faye’s alert yowl cut through the early night air like a blade and Oo immediately turned tail and ran towards her cry. It took her a while to cross the distance between the two and well before she had reached her friend the overwhelming smell of blood hit her. To her relief she soon saw Faye, tail tucked and whining, gesturing at something with a paw.
        “Masta goin keelus!”
        Oo followed where Faye was gesturing and discovered she had found the sheep. Or, what was left of them. To say the least they were very, very dead and Oo had to count the scattered limbs to even be sure it was both of them.
        They had lost a sheep once to a pack of coyotes and had been scolded up and down for it. That looked nothing like the massacre that was in front of the two collies. Faye and Oo instinctively moved closer to each other and began licking and nuzzling each others muzzles.
        “Akay.” Faye broke the silence first. “We find who dis did, an we beet em up.” She puffed her chest out and gave a firm nod as if to enthusiastically agree with her own plan. “An day no come no more.”
        Noses went to the earth and the dogs began flanking the scene looking for clues. Despite the heavy musk of the murdered sheep in the air their keen canine noses went right to work separating out the different smells, categorizing and labeling each one in their minds. Grass. Earth. Flowers. Rabbit. Lots and lots of blood. Collie. Stick. Other canine. Deer poop. Wait, other canine?
        Both girls suddenly converged on the same spot, mashing their noses against one another, filing the canine’s scent through their mental databases. Male. Coyote? No. Dog? No. Not a fox either. Suddenly Faye nipped her companion excitedly.
        “Oh! Es a woof!”
        “Faye I know it’s a woof, we need to figure out what kind of woof it is.” She shook her head, Faye really shouldn’t be so lazy with her English and actually use words like dog and fox.
        Faye growled and bit Oo on the haunch.        
        “Ow! What-“
        “A woof! Not ah dog. Not ah ka-oty. Es a woof!”
        Now Oo was just completely confused. She took a step towards her friend and suddenly stumbled, her paw falling in what she assumed was some kind of animal hole. When she looked down though she froze. Her entire paw sat encased in the toe of a very, very large paw print.
        Faye gave a whine.
        “Uh oh. Es ah big woof.”
        Like a lightning bolt the scent triggered a memory from when she was a pup. Before she met Faye her master had taken her into town one day. She had gotten a lot of attention from the other humans and the sights and sounds of it all had overwhelmed her at the time. She did recall going by a strange shop though that smelled like death and she hadn’t liked it. Inside though there was a pelt hanging that smelled canine, and much like the canine whose oversized paw print she was standing in. What had her master said it was?
        Her eyes shot open.
        “A wolf!”
        Faye headbutted her side.
        “Das what I said!”
        “Oh Faye, this is bad.”        
        “I know es bad! You no listen!”
        Like a punctuation stabbed with a sharp pen a howl suddenly cut though the night air. Both collies ears went flat and tails tucked under them as they bolted back towards the farmhouse.

        The dogs spent the night cuddled tightly up against each other, whispering ideas back and forth quietly so as not to wake their humans. By morning both dogs were tired and not any closer to a solution on what to do about the wolf that had decided to expand his territory to their farm. They had scuffled with coyotes before, even several at a time, but coyotes were small and it usually wasn’t that big of a challenge to send them running with their bruised tails tucked. It had been several months since they had seen a coyote, or any of the other usual threats to the farm actually, and the girls suspected the encroaching wolf likely had something to do with that.
        They usually beat their master outside, but this morning neither collie was particularly eager to show up to the morning herd release, especially considering their human always did a headcount as they left the gate. An exclaim from outside however had them both jetting past the door.
        “Holy! What the… Shit. I – Shit!”
        Faye and Oo rounded the corner of the barn to find sheep grazing calmly all over the field. Unfortunately their human hadn’t opened the pen yet. The pen, it seemed, had been partially ripped apart and a scene very similar to what the dogs had discovered in the forest was waiting for the family inside it.
        The girls cringed.
        “Well, at least we don’t have to worry about the two missing sheep.”
        Faye headbutted her.
        A little ways off their master was yelling and stomping about, using words the two collies didn’t even have in their vocabulary. From the way he was using them though they were sure they didn’t have pleasant meanings.
        The dogs rubbed up against each other nervously, chattering back and forth. They knew protecting the flock was their responsibility no matter what the threat was and were going to have to think of a way to handle this.
        “Masta bezy. We go hunt woof an beat em up.”
        “Faye I don’t know, you saw those prints he left.”
        “So? Day two of us an o-nee one ah em. We beat em up!”
        Before Oo could argue Faye was off, leaving her friend to give chase back towards the forest. As much as Oo didn’t like the idea of confronting a wolf she knew Faye was right. At this rate if they didn’t do something there wouldn’t be any sheep left to herd. The two dogs made a beeline towards the sight of the first ewe massacre and began looking for the wolf’s trail. Before long they had a heading and the hunt was on. 
        Deeper and deeper they tracked into the forest, noses down and ears up, listening for any sound of their prey. Occasionally they would pause, catching a hint of his scent on the wind and changing direction. Several times they lost the trail and had to backtrack before setting off in a different direction. All and all they were making good progress but as they pushed their way into a small break in the trees they seemed to lose the trail again.
        Oo moved up beside her friend, sniffing at the air, unable to detect the faint whiffs of the wolf they had been trying to follow.
        “Which way do you think we should go?”
        A deep, rumbling, almost song-like growl washed over the dogs from behind them. Neither collie had ever heard a pitch that low from another canine and they both froze with fear.
        “Well, well.” The low voice purred in dangerous, mockingly sing-song words. “Two little doggies, walking my turf.” Another deep, vibrating growl, “Both look so tasty, but which to eat first?” 
        The wolf had appeared behind them completely silently. Neither collie had heard so much as a twig snap or blade of grass rustle. He had come up on them from down wind and had he not announced his presence he could have easily pounced one or both of them before they even knew he was close. 
        Slowly, cautiously, both girls turned their heads and both immediately dropped their ears and tucked their tails. The ebony black wolf was massive. Even if the two dogs had the upper ground he still would have towered over them both. The beast was so large he could have probably looked their master in the eye and likely would have done just that without flinching. He oozed confidence. The confidence of a predator that knew there wasn’t creature in his forest that could challenge him, and his smug expression told the collies that they were no exception.
        “You must be the pets.” He practically spat the word. “I’ve been watching you two. I must say, you’re both smaller up close than I had initially assumed.” The wolf pulled his lips back into a wicked grin, exposing his very large, very sharp looking teeth. Oo noticed the creature had one green and one yellow eye, the asymmetric gleam of them adding to his already frightening disposition.  The dogs lowered themselves instinctively, taking steps backwards as the wolf stepped forward. 
        “I suppose I should thank you two, it’s a lovely little feast you were so polite to gather up for me.” A pleasured growl, “I do love lamb. Especially fat, stupid ones. Ones that have been pushed around time and time again. Weak. Slow.” He slide his tongue over his jowls. “Delicious.”
        There was no way they could fight off such a beast. One bite from those massive jaws could likely snap a collie in half. Nor could they possibly outrun him. Even at a glance Oo could tell the wolf was in top shape. They were trapped. Whatever fate the wolf decided for them there was nothing in their power they would be able to do to stop it.
        The wolf gave a snarl and took another step closer, intentionally increasing his threat on the dogs.
        “However, easy lamb or not, this is my territory now. And you two,” He bore his gaze into one collie, then the other. “Are trespassing.” 
        That was it. Oo didn’t know much about wolves but she did know how fiercely territorial they were. Once this wolf had decided that this land was his there was nothing the collies could have done to stop him from eliminating the competition. Unfortunately for the two girls, they were the competition. 
        Before either dog could so much as yelp the wolf was on them.  He didn’t lower himself, didn’t prepare to pounce, he simply sprung, covering the gap between them in a blur. In less time than either collie could blink they were both pinned under the wolf and his deadly jaws were around Oo’s neck. With a pathetic final whimper the air was squeezed from her throat and she knew in another split second the wolf would bite down and tear the life out of her.
        “W-wait! Make heppy deal good!”
        The wolf paused, bi-colored eyes sliding over to Faye. Had t she cried any kind of coherent sentence the wolf would have simply ignored her plea and finished off her friend, but the sheer confusion of what she had said actually gave him pause. He parted his jaws and Oo gasped for breath. The wolf lowered his muzzle to Faye’s, his large nose touching hers.
        “What?” The question was sharp and made Faye flinch.
        “Make… Heppy deal good?”
        The wolf pulled his lips back and growled. It was apparent he wanted to snap at the dog and end her right there, but the sheer curiously of what in the hell she could be saying stayed his jaws. He did snap at the air directly in front of Oo though, making her whimper and try to retreat harder back into the earth.
        “What did she say?”
        Oo whined. She didn’t have any clue what her friend was saying but was in favor of anything that involved her not getting her throat torn out.
        “F-Faye… Say it differently.”
        The wolf’s large head snapped back to Faye and he narrowed his heterochromic eyes at her. The collie tucked her head down into her chest, pointlessly trying to protect her neck and whined softly, tail pinned to her belly. 
        “I… We…”
        She whined again trying to push her panic down enough to find the proper English to express what she was trying to say. For a moment she almost started pleading with the wolf in Chinese but thought that would surely end up with them both looking like the slaughtered sheep.
        “We… make woof heppy… an… he no eatus?”
        There was a deadly intelligence behind the wolf’s eyes and he was silent for a moment as he seemed to be processing the groveling dog’s broken English.
        “Go on.”
        His tone was flat and dangerous. He seemed to be momentarily entertaining the idea only because it was slightly more interesting than just killing the dogs right away. The wolf did not have a look of patience though and it was obvious whatever Faye said next was going to decide how much longer the collies lived.
        Faye gave another whimper, eyes darting from side to side trying to escape the wolf’s gaze.
        “You… Let me up an I promise make you very heppy.”        
        The wolf snarled and she flinched again, pinning her ears to her skull and talking quickly
        “Be very good girl for Mester Woof, not run, be good girl, make woof heppy.” She whined pathetically, “Promise. Not run. Heppy woof, promise. Promise.”
        The large black wolf bared his fangs, but didn’t snap. He didn’t seem to be particularly swayed by her pleas, but wasn’t currently eating them and that was a good enough start for Faye. She pawed at Oo.
        “Her too. We both girls. Girls make woof… Heppy? An… Heppy woof no eatus.”
        Oo had no idea what her friend had in mind but as long as she wasn’t being ripped apart by the beast she would agree to anything and nodded enthusiastically. The wolf gave Faye a long, hard stare, then did the same to Oo, saying nothing. Both girls did their best to put on their most friendly and submissive expressions for his inspection.
        “If you run,” the wolf growled, “I will catch you. I don’t believe I need to tell you what will happen to you then.” The dogs shook their heads quickly.
        “No run!” Faye reassured as sincerely as she could, “Good girls. No run. Promise promise.”
        Another long stare and Oo felt like he could burn the fur right off her hide with those eyes. Slowly with his eyes locked on the two of them, the wolf took a step backwards. One step, then two, then just like that they were free. Of course the thought of turning tail and bolting for her life ran through Oo’s head, but she knew the wolf would make good on his threat. She whined softly to Faye.
        “I hope you have a damn good plan or we’re both kibble.”
        Her friend seemed almost excited and Oo gawked at her in stunned silence. Oo was absolutely terrified for her life, what on Earth could that expression on Faye’s face be?
        “My plans ahways good.”
        The large wolf had a look of impatience as both collies rolled cautiously to their feet and Faye slowly approached the wolf, adverting her eyes submissively. Once again Oo was baffled by his size as her friend approached the beast. The top of Faye’s ears didn’t even reach the bottom of the wolf’s shoulders.
        Her friend moved closer while the wolf watched with silent, judgmental eyes. Very carefully Faye stepped past his forelegs, moving around his side while brushing her body against his. Oo thought he saw the wolf’s demeanor change ever so slightly when she did this but couldn’t be sure.
        Faye lifted her eyes to look upon the thick pelt on the wolf’s side. She lowered her head slightly, moving her eyes along the wolf’s chest and belly, and then she saw her goal. Faye gave a small gasp.
        The black wolf’s sheath was enormous. She expected any male that sized to be large in that department but the wolf seemed to be generously endowed even for his size. Faye felt her pussy clench involuntarily and her tail rose on its own.
        “Very… heppy woof…”
        She pressed herself under the great wolf’s stomach and moved her nose to his sheath, inhaling deeply. The male’s musk was almost overpowering and she could feel the wetness under her tail increase. For a moment she was simply lost in the strong smell of the male as she sniffed at his sheath and give a little yip of surprise when she felt a very large nose press up against her asshole. The nose pushed her forward, applying pressure right up against her hole. His voice rumbled.
        “Well. Go on then.”        
        The hot breath of the wolf washed over Faye’s sex as he spoke and she shivered then quickly returned her attention to her duty. She nuzzled her face into his large sheath and began lapping at it. To her delight she could see his knot outline itself in his fur and the threateningly large red tip of his cock pressed out from its home. Faye wrapped her lips around the expose tip and began to suckle, her actions getting rewarded by a deep growl of pleasure from the wolf. She gave a muffled whine as she felt the wolf’s nose drag down from her ass to her twitching cunny and he sniffed deeply at it. Soon the wolf’s tongue was on her sex, making the collie moan around the red cock that was growing alarmingly fast in her muzzle. The wolf’s hot tongue was huge and she couldn’t help but push back on it wantonly as it caressed over both her holes.
        Oo stared in stunned silence at her insane friend. Faye had her lips wrapped around the beasts thickening cock while he curved his head down and lapped under her tail. The smell of arousal permeating off them both clouded the air like a fog. Even in her panic Oo felt her sex dampening at the sight, fear and lust fighting for control over her emotions.
        “One little doggy is being a good girl.” The wolf rumbled under Faye’s tail, making Oo jump. “Yet the other might be a disappointment.”
        Oo stammered.
        “I… No I’m a good girl too. Really. I can, uh… I-“
        “Come.” He grunted at her. Oo practically tripped over herself as she tried to comply, moving closer to the male. The wolf lifted his head and swiped a paw at her and for a moment she pictured those giant claws tearing into her. To her surprise the wolf scooped the paw under her belly and spun her around like a ragdoll. Oo yelped in confusion and felt herself get dragged backwards until she bumped butts with her friend. Next thing she knew there was a frighteningly large wolf muzzle next to her face.
        “Your friend is doing well little one. She’s quite wet too.” He took in a breath, “I can smell your arousal too, but I want that little bitch pussy as wet as your friend’s.” He gave a soft growl. “Rub your cunt against hers.”
        Oo’s ears shot up then she flattened them to her head and blushed deeply. Her and Faye had explored each other plenty of times, but they had never put on a show for a male before. She could already feel Faye’s ass pushing back against her own, her friend’s hot wet canine sex pressing back against her own and she couldn’t stifle a moan. Even without the command Oo felt her body leaning backwards, pressing her spade against her Faye’s. She could feel Faye’s pussy twitching and clenching against hers as they ground against each other. 
        Beside her face the wolf parted his large jaws and began to pant. He seemed to be moving his hips a lot and his growls were increasing. From behind Oo she could hear small whimpers from her friend and what sounded like wet slurping, quickly increasing in volume and frequency. The wolf rolled out his tongue, a long line of drool sliding off of it and onto Oo’s muzzle.
        Suddenly he snapped his jaws shut and snarled, stiffening and jerking his body. Behind her Oo heard Faye let out an exclamation of panic. For a second there was silence, then the sound of Faye coughing and sputting. When the coughing started Oo heard what could have been a bucket of water hitting the earth and suddenly felt a hot spray of wolf semen hit her over and over. She could feel Faye’s pussy twitching and spasming against her and she finally realized both canines were orgasms behind her. She gasps and looked backwards, only to get hit in the muzzle by a thick shot of wolf seed. 
        Oo took two more thick shots to the face before the concept of moving out of the way occurred to her. She ducked her head and almost fainted at the sight hanging between the wolf’s legs. He was fully erect now and his cock was terrifying. It was almost two feet long and his pulsing knot was at least eight or nine inches across. Next to his upsettingly large member Faye stood coughing, drenched in wolf cum like she had just come out of a lake.
        After a moment her friend seemed to catch her breath and she gave Oo a little whine. Faye’s warm pussy was still clenching against Oo’s sex from her orgasm.
        “He good wif muzzle too.” She whined again. “I tink he broke my record!”
        Oo stared in bewilderment, baffled how Faye’s notorious two-minute-or-less orgasm record was the top concern on her best friend’s mind.
        “Faye, look at you! Are you oka-yipe!”
        A strong foreleg swept under Oo’s belly and dragged backwards her like a toy under the large wolf.
        “W-wait, what are you doing?”
        The wolf’s head lowered and he gave her a throaty growl.
        “I think this bitch is ready enough.” The leg wrapped around her hip and she suddenly realized her rump was touching the wolf’s oversized hanging cock. “Now it’s your turn to pleasure me little one.”
        Oo’s eyes went wide it clicked what was about to happen to her.
        “What? No no no, you can’t, there’s no way, it’s too big!” She twisted her head around frantically, trying to see the monstrous shaft that was behind her. She was no match for the wolf’s strong grip though as he held her effortlessly in place.
        “Oh yes little one. Your friend did a lovely job with her muzzle, and now it’s your turn.”
        Oo felt the wolf shift above her and felt what she could only think to describe as a hot, wet battering ram press up against her sex.
        “You… You can’t!” She couldn’t escape, she could only whimper as the wolf toyed with his cock head at her dripping pussy opening. Her cunt throbbed for that giant cock, desperate to be filled by it even as her mind screamed against it. Faye, still dripping with wolf cum, moved around in front of the pair and began licking at Oo’s muzzle, sliding her tongue against her friend’s lips and into her mouth, making her taste the still warm, salty wolf seed from her muzzle.
        “You can do et Oo!” Oo glared at her friend. Faye’s front paw was down between her own hind legs, grinding herself hard against it. The red collie made a mental note to later strangle her traitorous, voyeuristic friend who was obviously enjoying the show she was about to get.
        The wolf cooed down at her.
        “Are you ready my little bitch?”
        Suddenly there was white hot pain under her tail and she yowled out. Faye gave a gasp, shamelessly craning her neck around to see the tip of the wolf’s cock bury into Oo’s tight collie pussy, paw working her own puffy spade even harder.
        Oo was barely aware of the grip tighten on her hip before the thick cock sunk all the way to her cervix, making her howl out and squeeze her eyes shut as her pussy clenched hard on the invading shaft. She felt the wolf balance on his hind legs and both forepaws went around her hips. Without mercy he began pounding her overstretched collie pussy, the wolf pistoning his rock hard cock against her cervix again and again, making her whine and cry out as he used her like a plaything.
        She clenched on his cock over and over, unable to stop her muscles from milking the beast as hard as she could. The pain was slowly subsiding and the overwhelming pleasure of the thick hard cock inside her was making her juices run down the backs of her legs as he fucked her. Suddenly a spicy aroma she knew all too well drifted across her nose. She opened her eyes to find Faye had stuck her rump in Oo’s face, and right in front of Oo’s nose was her dripping, unusually puffy canine sex. Even during the brutal assault on her pussy Oo gasped at Faye’s swollen mound.
        “F.. F-Faye! You’re in hea-mmph!”
        With a delighted sequel her friend mashed her wet cunny against Oo’s mouth, sandwiching her between the two canines. Oo tried to protest, but attempting to talk only managed to slip her tongue into her friend, which of course got a happily growl from Faye and made her grind back harder. Oo could feel Faye’s sex twitching on her tongue with an increasing need as the red collie succumbed and delved the muscle deep into her companion. She closed her eyes, lost in the taste of her beloved friend and the indescribable feeling of the wolf filling her in ways she didn’t know where possible.
        For a moment Oo fell into complete bliss, unable to move anything except her tongue frantically penetrating her friend, her drool mixing with Faye’s honey and running down Faye’s thighs as the wolf snarled above them, jack-hammering the collie’s abused pussy. It wasn’t until Faye’s cries of pleasure reached her ears that Oo realized her friend was orgasming on her muzzle and Oo suddenly realized that her body was about to betray her as well. She clenched that massive invading cock hard as she could while it seemed to be getting even larger inside her. Above her the wolf let out a tremendous snarl and Oo lost herself completely to her own mind-blowing orgasm right as the first spray of burning hot wolf cum hit her back wall.
        It was like someone had opened up a fire hose inside her as the wolf came into her spasming bitch pussy. There was so much hot seed being pumped into her that even in the height of her orgasm she was aware of his warm semen squirting noisily backwards out of her. Oo had never felt so full before but had no choice but to stand there quivering and take the wolf’s cum inside of her.
        For several long moment none of the canine’s moved, each drifting in their own bliss. Finally with a loud, wet slurp the wolf pulled his hips backwards, pulling himself free of the collie. The moment his thick shaft left her it was like a dam busting as his seed gushed out her gaping hole and Oo collapsed into the cum soaked grass.
        The wolf growled contently, swaying some on his feet as his cock twitched and throbbed, the last bits of his orgasm squirting in thick jets onto Oo’s back. He sat back on his haunches and stared dreamily off into nothing for a moment.
        “Hay!” Faye, barely catching her breath marched up to the placated wolf.
        “Hay!” She whined again and reared up on her hind legs, putting her forepaws on his shoulder and bouncing herself against the large creature to no effect. “Mester woof hay! Mester woof!”
        “Nukos.” The wolf replied lazily, barely acknowledging her existence.
        “Mester Nukos woof!” 
        Nukos flopped himself down on his side, almost crushing Oo would was barely conscious enough to scamper out of the way. Faye huffed indignantly and bounced her upper body off his side.
        “No! Woof not heppy ’nuff!”
        Nukos glanced at her with a sedated expression.
        “Woof make not heppy ’nuff til he heppy inside me too! E’ry one take Oo! I like watch but want heppy! Hueman en Oo, woof en Oo. No one heppy en me!”
        The look on the wolf’s face made it clear he had no idea what she was talking about, but his gaze sharpened some back to reality when Faye stormed around to his rump and pushed her muzzle down between his hind legs. She gave a grunt of effort and lifted the wolf’s back leg with her head as best as she could, which, wasn’t very well. Out of curiosity though Nukos allowed her movement, rolling onto his back and watching the collie.
        “And just what do you suppose you’re d-“
        The wolf’s eyes opened wide and his ears shot straight up as Faye dropped her muzzle down to the underside of his tail and pushed her tongue as far as she could into the wolf’s asshole. For a moment the confident wolf actually looked caught off guard, unsure how to react to such a thing. Even if he wasn’t sure how to react, his body certainly wasn’t. The softening cock that had almost retreated completely back into his sheath throbbed and grew, his knot pressing itself back out as Faye worked her tongue in and out of his unprepared hole. Nukos half closed his eyes and parted his muzzle as he began to pant, his ass twitching around Faye’s tongue.
        “Well…” He panted. “That’s certainly different…”
        Faye’s ears went up and she lifted her head hearing his words. Immediately she spied the wolf’s once again giant hard cock and she gave a happy growl of pleasure. Soon Faye was climbing up over the male and straddling him, lowering her hips and rubbing her puffy wet sex up and down the wolf’s pulsing red cock. Before Nukos could react he found the other collie climbing on him from the other direction, this one straddling his muzzle and he discovered a wonderful collie pussy dripping with his own seed hovering over his muzzle. As Oo lowered her dripping dog cunt down onto the wolf’s awaiting tongue Faye drug her swollen spade up his long cock until his tip was at her opening. She rolled her hips up and backward and with a yelp of pure bliss sunk herself down and impaled herself on his enormous cock.
        Oo gave a full body shiver as she felt the large wolf tongue press up into her sore pussy. She lapped lustfully at her friend’s muzzle who returned the favor, the two collie girls exploring each others tongues and muzzles as Faye thrust herself down on the Nukos’ thick meat again and again.
        “F-Faye… You know you’re in heat.”
        “Ah know.”
        “He’s going to cum inside you.”
        Faye mashed her muzzle to her friend’s, slamming herself down on the wolf cock hard as if to prove a point, making Nukos grunt lustfully up against Oo’s sex.
        “Ah know.”
        Oo whimpered against her best friend, the wolf’s silky smooth tongue like a salve on her abused pussy.        
        “Do it Faye. Make him cum inside you.”
        Faye’s downward thrusting increased in both strength and speed, causing an increase in growls and grunts from the wolf as he lapped aggressively at Oo’s sex. Both collies whined at each other as they licked and drooled on one another’s muzzles.
        “Ah… Ahh… Oo… I gonna…”
        “M-Me too…”
        The howl that came out of the wolf dwarfed both their whimpers as he bucked his hips up hard and sprayed like a geyser into Faye’s twitching heat, load after load gushing into her fertile womb. The two collies threw their heads back and gave way to their ancestral desires, joining in the wolf’s howl as their bodies quivered with release above him.
        Eventually the two girls collapsed on the large wolf. Somewhere above them in the western sky the sun was beginning to make its slow descent towards the horizon. Filled with bliss the three canines pressed their bodies tightly up against each other as sleep washed over them one by one.

        The whistle of their master jolted both dogs awake. It was faint, just barely carried to them on the cool evening breeze, but the collie’s ears were tuned to the sound and when they heard it the whistle may as well had been right next to them.
        Instinctively the girls jumped to their feet and aligned themselves in the direction of the farm, ready to sprint back to their human.
        The wolf’s voice caught the pair like an anchor and they froze, slowly turning back to the wolf as he rose to their feet.
        “You two.” He growled and the dogs lowered their ears submissively.
        “You two,” he repeated, “did very well. You kept your word to please me, and did a more than satisfactory job at it. Enough so that I have a proposal for you two.”
        Oo and Faye glanced at each other questioningly but didn’t dare interrupt the wolf.
        “I promised I wouldn’t eat you, and I will keep true to my word. In addition, for as long as you come to my call and make me ‘happy’ as you have done today, then I shall spare your farm and its inhabitants from my hunts.” His bore his gaze into one collie, then the other. “Is this arrangement agreeable?”
        Oo was speechless. Had they actually managed to negate the threat to their beloved farm? Luckily for the pair Faye nodded eagerly.
        “Yes yes, we promise be good girls any time mester woof calls on us an woof no eatus or sheep.” Both girls began to turn when the wolf moved into their path.
        “One more thing.”
        He turned his head and bit into his own shoulder, tearing out a rather large clump of fur. He then turned back to Oo and lowered his head, pressing his muzzle to hers and cramming the mouthful of thick ebony pelt in her muzzle. Both dogs looked at the fur now crammed between Oo’s teeth with confusion.
        “Now go.” The wolf growled with satisfaction. “Go tell your human you have slain the beast.”

        The last bits of sun were just kissing the horizon as the dogs burst through the treeline and raced across the field towards the welcome sight of their home. Their master stood on their porch, hand up, shading his eyes against the setting sun as he scanned the field for his dogs with a worried expression. Faye let out a yowl of happiness as they spotted him and he turned quickly towards the sound, throwing up his arms in relief.
        “Goodness there you two are! Where on Earth did you run off to?” Both girls slammed into his legs, their tails an entanglement of wags and their bodies unable to contain their excited wiggles for him.
        “I was so worried about you two. We found what looked like some huge wolf tracks outside the pen and when you didn’t come back I thought that he had gotten you too. There’s a huge wolf about, you girls need to be really care-” 
        He blinked with surprise as he spotted the rather large clump of fur sticking out of both sides of Oo’s muzzle.
        “Oo, what have you got there?” He reached down and wrapped his fingers around the fur. “Drop.”
        Obediently Oo opened her jaws and her human took the large fistful of fur.
        “Oo, where did you…” He turned the fur over and over in his hands, running his fingers through it.
        “This… This is wolf hair.” Suddenly he looked very alarmed and began checking both females over for wounds. Other than the fact that they seemed to have heavily matted fur, especially Faye, both collies seemed to be uninjured. He stood and stared at his two dogs in amazement.
        “Did you two do this?” He held up the fur and both collies barked and whined excitedly at him. He laughed with astonishment. “Wow, you two really are amazing. To think, my two little girls managed to take care of the big bad wolf all by themselves. I’m so proud of you two.” With the dogs on his heels he walked inside, closing the door behind him.
        Indeed his good girls had taken care of the wolf, and would be taking care of him for many days to come.

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