We are an assortment of artists, visual, written and pretty much anything! 

More creatives the better! (wink wink)

Here’s our main crew:

Hybernation hybernation

The original. The one and only. From the deep south in the world of the walking dead, Hybernation/Sheba dabbles in dirty feral toons in her spare time. Wounded in glorious battle from mountains of oozing commissions, she’s working to heal herself to get back on the sexy stud that is Tailshigh. Keep an eye out for her occasional antics on the site, and send her messages of ‘GET WELL SOONS’ and lots of love.

From-Nihility from-nihility

Born falling into a bucket of ice in the north western wild lands of Ontario, Lucky the bird is a natural creative. Using the knowledge bestowed upon him by his crippling student debt and years of table waiting, he now dedicates his life to ‘sticking it to the man’ by drawing and writing things ‘the man’ would surely hurumph to.


I tumbled into the world of furries in 2007 not even knowing how to draw a dog. After some “research” (reading Blackblood Alliance on dA) I decided to make my own comic called “Fangsong” to ride the wolf comic hype train. By the end of that project I was fully assimilated into the furry fandom. In 2010 I decided to start taking commissions, and as of 2017 I have gone full time. Currently residing near Seattle Washington, where there are so many furries you don’t even bat an eye at a Hyena Agenda shirt on the bus. This fandom is everything to me and brings me so much joy. I’ve never felt more at home.
You can call me “Nighty,” I’m a blonde grizzly bear; just as lazy, fat and full of pacific salmon. My mascot for my business is my paper-winged wolf called “Independence.” My pencil to paper keeps my heart beating strong.

A few other great artists we’ve done work with:


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