What names do you go by?

Hybernation goes by Sheba, Hyber, Faye, or Shebombastica. From-Nihility goes by Bird, Lucky, or Oo. (So many names!)

I’m a writer or visual artist, can I collab with you?

YES! Message us anytime, always interested!

Can you collab with another artist I like?

Give us their names! We’ll hit them up and see if they’re interested :]

Can I upload/share your work?

Please do!

As long as…

  • you have permission from the person(s) included in the work (especially if it’s commissioned by a client). If it’s just our random characters, go wild!
  • credit provided either to this site or our FA.
  • you don’t profit from our work.
  • the website your sharing us to isn’t greasy (facebook).

Can I roleplay as your characters?

Yes! Please ask us before doing so. As long as it’s an unnamed character that’s featured in one of our pieces and doesn’t belong to anyone else. Please share what you have with us 🙂 

What software do you use?

Adobe CC.

Do you do commissions?

Yes! But only when we offer a slot. Our main focus is our Patreon pieces and comics. As we’re separate artists, we both do commissions individually. Contact an artist for individual work if they’re open! Hybernation & From-Nihility

Do you visit conventions?

Not currently, but it’s definitely planned for when we’re more financially stable.

Can we draw that?

Here’s a generic list of things we try and avoid:

Scat/Sickness/etc, Hard Vore, Diapers/Cub, Extreme Gore & Torture (Mutilation), MLP/Sonic/FNF, Hyper, Inflation, stomach bulges (ouchie!). 

There’s a lot of kinky stuff out there, so if you have any questions please let us know!

Questions or inquires? Email Tailshigh!