Feral Fantasy Contest

What: Bi-Monthly Contest (Every 2nd Month) with the opportunity to win:

  • 1 Fully Drawn Art Piece by Tailshigh (Lined, Coloured, Shaded, up to 3 Characters, Full Background).
  • *Bonus Prize! 1 Single Character Piece (Lined, Coloured, Shaded) You must be currently (or have previously) pledged to us to win the bonus prize.

This is an ‘Ultimate Fantasy’ contest. We want to hear your ideas and predicaments you’ve always wanted to see. This idea can be anything as it’s your personal fantasy or idea.

Winner(s) will be selected based on the originality and who’s voting on each idea that month (we have guest judges each round to keep it spicy. Your entries are kept anonymous) . Upon winning, you’ll be contacted immediately through Patreon or Email! Congrats!

When: Contest begins on the 1st of each month. Winner will be judged/chosen by 2-3 parties at the end of the month.

Submission Rules (For Contestant):

    • No Personal Characters (This is to prevent a request-a-thon). Instead, describe the character briefly. What are they? Are they a specific breed? Is it a big pink and purple gryphon that’s a hermaphrodite?
    • 100 Words or Less
    • New ideas can be submitted each month or you can edit previous entries, if none is submitted your idea will be carried over to the next round unchanged.
    • Submission limit of 3 per contest month.
    • No Copyrighted Characters without given permission.
    • ANYONE can submit an idea to win the main contest. You must be currently (or previously) pledged to us to win the bonus prize.
    • Cooldown of 4 months before you can win again.
    • Any far out-there idea is accepted, but it’s not guaranteed. See our FAQ about what we do and don’t draw.
    • What if you win and would like to remain anonymous? Simply leave out any handles or profile links when you email us.