Patreon Character Pool

Simply it’s just permission for us to draw your character! Please fill out the form below for a chance at random gift art here and there.


  • You can submit as many characters as you’d like! (The more creative and original the character is, the more likely we are to draw it!)
  • If you’ve received art from us recently (not including the mandatory art to premium patrons), then we will opt for those who HAVEN’T had their characters drawn yet. We will try our hardest to cycle appropriately and give everyone an equal chance. It’s important to us that we don’t come off as biased.

You decide to drop out of patreon, but you have characters in the pool.

That’s cool!

We will honour whatever funds that you’ve previously pledged.

How it works:

It’s not guaranteed that entries will receive art. It’s all based on the honour system that you trust us to cycle appropriately and base it on the character, ideas, and originality. Only sent one character with a super basic description? Give him/her a little summary or a side story! Be creative!

Enter your character below: